• The Statue of Liberty invites the world to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, ….” But it really isn’t that simple. No two people are exactly alike and neither are their immigration cases. So how can you increase your chances of bringing yourself, your loved ones or your critical employees legally, or to become a U.S. citizen, or prevent yourself or someone you love from being deported from the United States? Barten Law Office, P.C. is here to guide you, your loved ones and your critical employees through the complicated immigration laws so you don’t have to go it alone.

Clients hire our firm for many reasons, one of them being to create the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

Other reasons you may want to hire us are:

● You want a licensed lawyer with years of legal training and experience to be on your side.

● You find reading and analyzing immigration regulations, statutes and court opinions confusing.

● You find calling the customer service number, going to InfoPass Appointments, and the government websites don’t give you the answers you need.

● You don’t want to waste time and money on the wrong legal route.

● You wonder whether you are missing out on an immigration solution you never considered.

● You worry that you are going to say or do the wrong thing to jeopardize the case.

● You feel overwhelmed by paperwork and delays.

● You suspect there is more to the questions on the forms that meets the eye (and you should).

I’m here because:

I want to sponsor my family

In addition to the regular family based immigration programs for immediate relatives and preference relatives, many people are eligible as derivative relatives or through old programs such as family unity, V-visa, NACARA, to name a few. Our goal is to assist you in determining the best way to immigrate through family members to keep your family together, or if your family must be separated, such as through the Provisional Waiver, for the shortest time possible.

I want to employ a foreign born employee

Most, but not all, employment based immigration programs require an employer to sponsor someone for work in the U.S. The employment based programs include both temporary and permanent employment. Both the type of employment and the qualifications of the employee will be analyzed with an eye towards meeting your goals whether you want start your own business, transfer from your company abroad, or eventually receive permanent residency. In particular the immigration regulations in the employment area are highly technical. We can guide you through the regulations and red tape to process your case right. Our firm handles temporary employment visas through the H, L, O, P, TN, R, as well as

I’m here because I don’t have a sponsor

Many immigrants are able to self-petition without a family member or employer. Some of these programs are through the National Interest Waiver, the Diversity Visa program, the Treaty Trader program, to name a few. Even if you do not have a sponsor today, we will assist you in increasing the possibility of meeting the criteria to self-petition. For more information, look under Practice Areas: Self-Petitioning tab and contact us for a screening.

I’m here because I have been hurt, abandoned or afraid

The United States provides significant protections for immigrants. Children who have been abandoned by one or more parents, anyone no matter their age who has been physically harmed or threatened, or anyone afraid to return to their home country may be eligible for any number of immigration programs. Most of these programs lead to permanent residency and allow the immigrant to bring their immediate relatives. All cases are reviewed for these important safeguards. For more information, look under Practice Areas: Victims and Chaos tab and contact us for a screening.

I’m here because I don’t want to be deported (removed)

Determining whether there is an immigration program to anchor you to the United States and whether you have an immigration violation or criminal violation which can be overcome is critical to preventing deportation. In some cases, after someone has been deported from the United States finding a legal way to bring them back is the best alternative. While no attorney can prevent deportation in all cases, we can assist you in determining your legal options to give you a fighting chance to stay or return to the United States. We represent immigrants in immigration court and appeals. For more information, look under Practice Areas: Immigration Court tab and contact us for a screening.

I’m here because I want to be a U.S. citizen

Whether you have a grandparent or parent who is a citizen, you are the spouse of a U.S. citizen who works abroad, or you have been a resident in the United States, you want to preserve or gain rights to U.S. citizenship. There are many issues which cause problems for people who what to become citizens such as travel which may be construed as abandonment of residency, prior criminal arrests, or lack of ability to learn English. Permanent residents have the most to lose by filing an application for U.S. citizenship and at the time of their citizenship interview, their case will be examined from the very beginning. There may violations which are not readily apparent which can lead to deportation or removal. We assist our clients in determining whether requesting U.S. citizenship is a good legal option and negotiate them through the process until the oath ceremony. For more information, look under Practice Areas: Citizenship tab and contact us for a screening.